PULP Creative Catalogue

Welcome to our Creative Archive. Here you can find all of PULP’s creative contributions so far, plus a little more about the artists themselves. Photographer? Designer? Illustrator or Printmaker?
Show off your artwork to the rest of the world by getting in touch. Enquiries to s.u.pubs@mmu.ac.uk. We hope to hear from you!

Sketch City, illustration (Issue 1)
Mik Gent, illustration (Issue 3,4,5,8)
Elliott Dobbs, illustration (Issue 1)
Tim Green, illustration, design (Issue 1,3)
Sam Griffiths, illustration, design (Issue 1,3)
Holly Dicker, illustration, design (Issue 1,2,3,4,7)
Josh A. Felton, illustration, design (Issue 2)
Matt Comer, photography (Issue 2,3)
Zuza Grubecka, photography (Issue 2)
Joni Beattie, photography (Issue 2,3,6,7)
Kate Ashton, photography (Issue 2,4)
Jonny Delap, illustration (Issue 3)
Olivia Glasser, illustration (Issue 3,4)
Oyunga Gombo-Ochir, design (Issue 3,7)
Michael Clegg, design (Issue 3)
Jenny Nickols, illustration (Issue 3)
Judy Wainwright, illustration (Issue 3,7)
Stephen Clements, design (Issue 4,7)
Ryan Campbell, illustration (Issue 4)
Aya Kokubo, illustration (Issue 4)
Calum Chipchase, illustration (Issue 4)
DR|ME, design (Issue 5,6)
Vineta Gailite, illustration (Issue 5)
Tom O’Meara, illustration (Issue 6)
Malik Razik, illustration (Issue 6)
Matt Sidebottom, design (Issue 7,8,9)
Sam Hammond, illustration (Issue 7)
Emma Haynes, illustration (Issue 7,8)
Mascen Flook, illustration (Issue 8)
Chris Sharp, illustration (Issue 8)
Andrew Henderson, illustration (Issue 8)