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Bloodstock Festival, Derbyshire


Bloodstock Festival
Friday 14th to Sunday 16th August 2009
Walton-on-Trent, South Derbyshire
Adults £95; children £45. Includes camping


British metal festivals have gone hopelessly downhill since those whining emo boybands got a hold of them. Bloodstock would quite happily burn itself to the ground rather than let the inauthentic play and I honestly salute them for their efforts. Stick your rockstar posturing; this is serious metal country.

Carcass and Arch Enemy headline Friday, Blind Guardian and Cradle of Filth take Saturday, and ‘it’s the final countdown’ Europe will jam that song into your head forever at closedown on Sunday. Fear Factory, Satyricon, Katatonia (with a K)… all good stuff, and brilliantly mixed together with the best unsigned acts working today. Of particular interest to Mancunian fans will be Bisonhammer, who beat all else in the Grand Central competition to earn a place on this bill. We always knew they’d do well.

When it comes to metal, Bloodstock reigns over any British rival. Go, if only to find out what the metal karaoke tent sounds like. Christ.


Alex Walsh

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  1. tully permalink
    11/08/09 11:06 pm

    oh my god i remember thos guys i camped with them oh yeah im the one in the middle i was wankered good times

  2. Tully II permalink
    12/08/09 8:57 am

    Super cool story bro.

  3. Nat permalink
    16/08/09 5:45 pm

    ‘mon the ‘Hammer!

  4. 16/08/09 6:27 pm


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