PULP Presents… Jack Finch, creative writer

2017 June 11

Amicable, yet hedonistic, volatile and impressionable, Jack Finch is a “king without a crown hanging loose in the big town”. After quitting his job at the bank to make it as a writer, he bought a one way ticket to Amsterdam and has been traipsing around Europe and onwards ever since, whilst scrawling his writing in tatty notebooks. In June 2007 he found himself with an American ex-marine wandering into Iraq as ‘tourists’, and set up home with a renegade security team, but nearly dried up from the lack of women; four days later he was on the road again… And now? Certain people want him killed off since they think he’s “no good”, but as ever, he remains.

Whilst Jack Finch is always writing, very little of it ever makes it down on paper, and instead flutters off as beautiful mind-butterflies, freed into the yolk of the world. Some are occasionally captured whilst he is drunk or hungover, and a few are here for you to see. You can always contact him at ferretpossums@googlemail.com if you are interested in more of his writing, or just to give him a piece of your mind…

Suzie Cantrell isn’t Dead
“Making It”
CRAZY or How I came to be as good as a Psychologist (as featured in PULP 5, the Health Issue)
Last Act
The Letter (featured in PULP 4, Anti-Xmas Issue)