Anti-Pop Consortium / Urbis / 14th May 2009

2017 May 23
by dickdickerydick

Or How I Stopped Worrying About Soundchecks and Started Loving Hip Hop




“Fuck Jack Straw” was the resolving theme for Thursday’s Futuresonic gig at Urbis. Starting late, the show set off with a northern crew playing a few of their tracks, Apple Mac providing the beats. Fairly strong in rhyme, they do point out a factor I’ve noticed about UK hip hop acts; as we don’t have the all selling american accent, more familiar to the public, British crews show their prowess at the rate they rap, not what they rap about. It’s not a criticism but more of a note of interest. Finishing their set, they made a comment about a lack of a soundcheck and this is what you get for  it.


Next up came a number of DJs including the northern but incredibly well tasted DJ Woody. For around 2 hours, the DJs provided a nice intro to the upcoming acts. It was here that the problems started to come to the surface. There was an obvious stalling for time. 


Part way through an ‘emcee’ came on stage to lay down a freestyle… Choruses include “Throw your hands in the air if you paid to get in” with no response. Ah… Looking round, I suddenly realise that I’m at a corporate party, full of PR and gig reviewers. A few other people look sheepish. Others begin to drown themselves in the music and the beer. 


The bar was being held down by the ever friendly Rich Reason, deep in thought and crossfader. To Reason, this gig was just like any other gig, be it Hit n Run, house party or tonight in an art gallery. Showing perfect professionalism, he dropped them where they counted. 


Back in the main arena, Peter Parker comes onstage to a rustle of applause. The  venue is now beginning to feel like a real gig. More people arrive while Peter Parker explains his work since Fingathing and the problems of Jack Straw and how he has singlehandedly tried to destroy tonight. As the story goes, there was a Press Conference of politicians in Urbis, and for safety sake the men in the baggy jeans posed too much of a threat to be allowed in to do a soundcheck. 


But they persevered, Peter Parker and company demonstrate his swift move away from his turntables to an MPC-only based set. It was truly amazing. Beatboxing via sample machines are a sound that everybody should hear live. Deft and skill between Parker and his friend working in unison is demonstrated with prowess of masters of their art. And we, it seems were the first to hear this new set of songs. 


By now, the crowd has melded into something more expected of such an event. The PR have hidden themselves at the back, the people who are here for the music have moved forward, and Anti-Pop enter the stage. After a chorus, a warm up and the first track, they hit into their stride. The crowd love it, and everything goes smoothly throughout. This is one act best seen live. 


The only problems through the gig would be just how much Jack Straw screwed over the night. As the soundchecks all came late, or not at all, it left for a lot of anger and apologising from the acts. Anti-Pop apologised profusely for the sound and how bright it was. But they needn’t have, as through all of these problems I believe everybody left having been thoroughly rocked.