Hudson Mohawke (Hud Mo), Toddla T & Daedelus @ Urbis

2017 May 20
by dickdickerydick


Urbis – Not my choice of a venue!  It’s an art galley (supposedly), a large space where sound dissipates through the cavernous interior but for a line-up that included LA-based Daedelus I didn’t care.

I had been looking forward to Hud Mo after hearing great reviews from a variety of music sources.  I might have seen him, not too sure though.  The beat that met me in the main room as I arrived had some danceable qualities although beer and cigarettes was preferential.

Following someone that could have been Hud Mo was the so called Sheffield bashment, jump-up bad boy, DJ, producer, wearing his brap brap “sick t-shirt” and some fake bling, Toddla T. The set developed through various genres.  Big tunes from the past that got people moving, even with MC Serocee stumbling through lyrics that really didn’t need to be there but seemed to be covering up the ineptitude of Mr T’s mixing…  it was quite fun though!


Finally Daedelus, the Greek mythological artificer jumped on stage.  With his mini box of flashing LED lights, jumping beats breaking all around and his unadulterated energy Alfred Weisberg-Roberts unleashed a set of beauty, creativity and enjoyment. Positioning myself directly in front of the speaker, soaking in every morsel of sound before it was lost in the wilderness, I danced like a freak, massive smile on the face. Looking around, every other individual in the building was doing the same, taken through an electronic journey of massive energy.

After missing his secret performance in Common earlier in the day but hearing how amazing it was, the bar had been set very high which Daedelus completely fucked over!

The lasting memory of the night was the vigor and contentment you could see coming from a man that thoroughly loved producing and performing his music!

Mark Jermyn