Match Men in… The Inevitable – a short film

2017 May 5

Here at PULP towers, we often have to pinch ourselves at the sheer talent of some of our contributors. One such example is master illustrator Mick Gent. For months now he has drawn intricately fucked up illustrations of Santa Claus, rodents and other pests, and men violently removing their own penises (Freud would have a fucking field day…). And much more.

So when he told us that he’d been working on a video, we jumped at the chance to see what he’d come up with.

And here now, for you, is a PULP exclusive premiere of Match Men in… The Inevitable – a short film by Mick Gent.

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  1. 2017 May 5
    Loz permalink

    simpsons did it

  2. 2017 May 5
    elmyr de hory permalink


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