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Medicinal Recreation – Prescription Addiction


We live in a culture where the word ‘prescription’ carries the connotation ‘good for you’. It’s easy to think that because the doctor dishes something out it can’t do you any harm. After all, these drugs are concocted in some of the best laboratories in the world and mass-produced by wealthy corporations, not cooked up the bathtub of some squat house by an entrepreneurial ex-convict. But does that mean the drugs your doctor hands you are any better than those of some street merchant? Not necessarily.

An endless supply of meds are readily available in Britain today. If you had your bike stolen, the chances are you could find a doctor to dispense valium to help deal with the ‘trauma’. Even if you couldn’t find a doctor willing to fob you off with some potent pharmaceuticals, there are dozens of places online where you can get drugs like oxycontin, valium or vicoden delivered to your door. Paradoxically though the law in the UK is actually strict on meds and many are actually class A – if you don’t possess that golden ticket called a prescription.

We live in a completely drug dependent society. It’s not that we all need a hit every few hours to stop us getting the shakes and soiling ourselves, but we do casually use a huge variety of different drugs in our everyday life. If you suffer from a headache, forget drinking some water and waiting for it to pass, you just reach for a box with something like ‘PAINKILL ULTRAFAST- THE MOST POWERFUL PAIN RELIEF YOU CAN GET WITHOUT DYING’ written on it.

Chris Rock raised a good point about the abundance of over the counter meds in America, arguing that drugs like cannabis, cocaine and heroin are only illegal because the government cannot profit from their use. Prescription drugs on the other hand are a multibillion-dollar industry. He goes on to talk about how there are drug commercials on television every night in the US: “Are you sad? Are you lonely? Are you hot? Are you cold? Do your teeth hurt? Then you need this pill! I saw an advert the other day that said ‘do you go to bed at night, and wake up in the morning?’, Oh shit I’ve got that one, I’m sick, I need that pill.”

There literally is a prescription drug for just about everything and with so many chemicals readily available, it’s not surprising there are those who “abuse” them recreationally. The most commonly used prescription drugs fall into three categories: opioids such as oxycontin, central nervous system depressants such as valium and stimulants such as ritalin.
Opioids have a morphine like effect preventing the brain from receiving pain messages. Like opiates these are highly addictive, partly due to their strong withdrawal symptoms. One of my friends got his hands on oxycontin. He said the hit was like a lucid dream accompanied by a warm tingling sensation all over his body. The next day was a different story though as I saw him suffering from what must have been the most severe case of itchiness. As I walked around Tescos with him he scratched away at every inch of his body as if he’d caught head, body and pubic lice simultaneously.

Central nervous system depressants like valium have a calming effect on the user. They basically work by slowing down brain activity. If you’ve ever wondered what a lobotomy feels like, a large dose of valium is probably as close as you could get. I had a friend who took advantage of the handy online supply of valium. At a party I watched this guy take 70mg of valium and go on to whip his dick out and start pissing all over the living room, completely oblivious to our shouts of disapproval. He only actually stopped pissing on the carpet when he fell over and started pissing on himself. Unsurprisingly he has absolutely no recollection of that night.

To summarise my point, there are prescription drugs everywhere in Britain. You could spend a lifetime, albeit a shortened one, working your way through the endless list of meds that are available. Just about everyone of us I’m sure has had some experience with them; whether you were prescribed some mad pills for a broken arm, pilfered from your gran’s stash or ordered yourself a haul from the internet. Sure they might have had you buzzing like a fridge for 20minutes; but if you mess with meds you run the risk of mental and physical ill health, jail, death or worst of all… public humiliation.

Matt McCallum

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