Let the right one in

2017 April 16
by dickdickerydick

(Lat den ratte komma in)
Director: Tomas Alfredson


Adapted from the novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist, Let the right one in is a unique and peculiar film centred around the relationship between Oskar, a drippy, slightly feeble 12-year old and Eli, his strange new neighbour. Like its bleak suburban setting, still and muffled by winter, the story creeps along screen, gently introducing its characters and plot.

Suddenly gore spills across the clean white snow and the film’s darker, more disturbing entrails are revealed.

It’s this clever fusion of drama, romance and horror, coupled with some truly stunning cinematography that make Let the right one in so compelling. Lulling you with still, elongated scenes charged with unspoken emotion before exploding in an outburst of subtle and intelligent carnage. 

Whilst the tempo of the film occasionally hesitates a little longer than necessary, the spatterings of macabre so unexpected and gruesome are made all the more impacting.

I left with the impression that we had not been shown the full story, a feeling crystalised by the film’s final and allusive scene. Unlike other book-to-screen adaptations I have seen without reading, Let the right one in has enticed me to further explore its bizarre tale and seek out the novel in the hope that it’s pages will give me more answers. 

A beautifully morbid watch: one that shouldn’t be missed.
Let the right one in is currently showing at Cornerhouse.