Gary Go @ Ruby Lounge, March 29

2017 April 7
by dickdickerydick


I caught up with Gary Go on the final stretch of the UK tour not really knowing what to expect despite doing the typically thorough research of all modern journalists – scrutinizing his myspace and googling his name.

Prior to our meeting all I knew of Gary was his first single ‘Wonderful’ from the radio, the fact he’s going to be supporting Take That on their stadium tour, and I had seen some of his carefully selected press shots. All this left me entirely mystified as to who I was going to be interviewing. Pop diva, Camdenite - I was completely in the dark.

I arrived at Manchester’s Ruby Lounge and was told by his tour manager, Andy, to grab a seat as some other media types were having their way with Gary first.

I watched his support act warm-up, who I think was called “Alvin”, and made my first assumption – anyone who has a support that is a hybrid of Daniel Powter and Craig David and calls their music “soul rock” isn’t going to play the most critically innovative music in the world.

It turned out my first assumption was correct.

Gary Go is a squeaky-clean kid who describes his music “as pop, but pop that is at the other end of pop spectrum to Take That”.

He’s a “multi-instrumentalist” “composer”, if you’re musician please don’t call yourself a composer, that produces and writes all his own material – although he plays with a band both in his live performances and on his album, released on May 23.

The fans at the gig were a mix of badly dressed girls, gay chavs and slightly older women – and they were all crying out for the single as soon as Gary stepped on stage. This reception from the socially boring just made it even harder for me to enjoy his energetic exuberant performance.

I asked Gary what his influences were and he revealed he was a massive fan of David Bowie and Peter Gabriel –he had played a cover Gabriel’s ‘Salisbury Hill’ several times on tour - but he reminded me more of Jamie Cullum than Ziggy Stardust.

Go’s only likeness to Bowie were the industrial spacey references in his stadium pop songs with words like super future, engines, machines and medicine recurring throughout his works. In the video for his next single “Overnight”, released May 11, Gary Go goes to mars -maybe he’ll stay there?

I realise that Gary has been cunningly engineered with videos containing retro typewriters, old Franz Ferdinand-esq fashion advice, and Bowie references in his press releases. He’s just posh kid lacking the edge that I demand.

A useful fact to know for all the Go fans out there is that Gary’s dad actually used to produce The Muppets – enabling a younger Go to mingle with the stars at an early age.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Gary doesn’t have a lot to say in his music, he’s probably never struggled in his life, but if you like pop ballads you should definitely give Go a go.

You can catch him at T in the Park if don’t want to go on the Take That tour.

Will Astbury