Detroit Social Club @ Deaf Institute, April 1

2017 April 7
by dickdickerydick


Fred Perry and Ben Sherman should be endorsing Detroit Social Club (DSC) because every one of their fans was a sharp shirted swaggering slap head. Nevertheless, I’m here to talk about the band not the abnormally tall audience at Manchester’s Deaf Institute – which incidentally I’ve never seen so packed.

The Newcastle-based six-piece are led by singer/songwriter/guitarist David Burn and have come out with a classic massive shoe gazer sound not too dissimilar from the massive songs of Kasabian or Primal scream. They knitted tightly together on the tiny stage to create a huge wall of bluesy sound, which delighted the thuggish giants in the audience – I was really impressed by this group and the technical skill they obviously processed. There were even cries of “you’re the best band I the world” from the audience.

DSC released their second single ‘Sunshine People’ on 30 March via the band’s own imprint Stranded Soldier, in collaboration with their new home, Fiction Records. This track is full of aggressive harmonies and a powerful bassy plodding drum beat to add to the song’s intensity – which seems to be apparent on most of the DSC tracks that I’ve heard.

The group seem to be a mix of all the good bits of the shoe gaze bands that existed from 1995-2003 stirred together with a touch of The Velvet Underground for good measure. Nu-gaze anyone? The boys are definitely going to appeal to a slightly older audience and not the trendy electro kids of Camden Town – but they do what they want and they do it well.

These boys should be admired for sticking to their indie flares and craggy hair in a world where old style Liam Gallagher attitude is fast becoming extinct. A bit of beery lairyness will always be welcome.

You can check out DSC on their current UK tour supporting Twisted Wheel and they’ll also be performing at Rockness and Y-Not Festival later this year. Their myspace address is

Will Astbury