Welcome to PULP

2017 January 30
by Paul


Hi there, I am Alexander Shulgin. Don’t recognise the name? How about The Godfather of Ecstasy? Professor X? Sure the pharmaceutical company, Merck, discovered the drug (by mistake I might add) in 1912, but I made MDMA what it is today. Why the psychotic grin? I only have the greatest job in the world… I am a Psychopharmacologist. THE Psychopharmacologist. For 40 years I have been exploring the nature and potential pharmaceutical value of over 230 psychoactive compounds. That’s right, I have been LEGALLY trying and testing illicit drugs and making my own variations since the ‘60s. If it weren’t for my experiments there may well be little in the way of concrete research on the subject today. Let’s get things straight though, I do not approve of the extreme recreational abuse of my drugs. Overdosing young clubbers overshadow their scientific merit and the credibility of my practice. And I have played no part in the seepage of my concoctions. I vowed long ago never to sell any of my drugs, but promote their psychological beneficiaries and responsible MEDICAL usage to the psychiatric community. Psychedelic drugs are mankind’s tools to unlock one of its greatest mysteries, the human mind.

I have been asked by PULP to warmly welcome you to its fifth edition, The Health Issue, under the direction of editor Holly Dicker. As you may, or may not know we are an MMUnion production, although the opinions expressed here are utterly independent from the corporation and sister university. I have also been asked to thank the contributors for their time, Rap Spiderweb for their ink and DR|ME for the long-awaited design relief. If you want to get involved in PULP or its virtual counterpart PULP Online (pulpmagazine.co.uk) please email s.u.pubs@mmu.ac.uk and onlineeditor@pulpmagazine.co.uk respectively.