Art & Culture Archive

2017 January 19
by Paul

EUROCULTURED – an interview with Spearfish’s Ben Reed
Salon Gesampt

Where Incest Lurks No More
- a play review
Cultural Bribery – a rebuttal
Saatchi WANTS Talent

Cultural Bribery: A Night Less Ordinary

Adios Upper Space
interview with former Gallery Art Director, Barney Francis
R.I.P. H.A.R.T.
That’s Brutal – an interview with Adelle Stripe
Gravity & Levity – The Sunday Times - contemporary theatre
Maudlin Tanner – My Shame - contemporary theatre
The Mighty Boosh live – 5 December 2008, MEN Arena
The Clah Clah Clah Collective – Pretend You’re A Grizzly Bear - contemporary theatre
Poetica; Poetry for grown-ups - an article on The Central Library’s poetry forum
Franko B – Don’t Leave Me This Way - contemporary theatre
The Man Who Pictured Space From His Apartment - contemporary theatre
Hauser – I Made You A Submarine - contemporary theatre
“Poetry is essentially boring” – a review of Simon Armitage’s ‘The Not Dead’ book launch
New York and Manchester by Jan Chlebik - a photography exhibition