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PULP talks to Phil Korbel (editor, 1984-5)



Phil Korbel was the PULP editor 1984-5 and actually won a Guardian Student Media Award for his services! We decided it would be interesting to track the man down and see what he remembered and what he’s been up to since.

To our immense joy, he is still based in Manchester and turned out to be a great sport and very generously sat down with us to tell us all about his time as a student, his work on PULP, and the interesting work he has done with community radio ever since. You can check out his projects at


We’ve split the interview up into clips so you can dip in and out, but if you fancy watching them all in one go, the bottom video is the one you want. Enjoy!

Interview by John Tucker and Holly Dicker
Filmed and edited by Paul Capewell

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