Sex Music

2008 December 1

Fat Freddy’s Drop
Manchester Academy 1
Saturday Nov 15

It’s been two weeks since the gig and still every morning I am coaxed into consciousness by Dallas Tamaira’s tongue licking my cerebral lobes to sensual saxophone sounds. On Saturday Nov 15th I was seduced by Fat Freddy’s Drop and now I cannot get them out of my head.

Renown for their fluid yet unpredictable live shows, the boys from New Zealand did not disappoint. Old favourites like Wandering Eye and Hope diffused an otherwise unfamiliar (without alienating) set of new tracks from their highly anticipated new album, Big BW.

Three hours seeped by in a mellow melee of brass and base. Trio Toby, Warren and Joe – supplying the sex, sax and soul respectively – were particularly captivating. If Dallas is the phallus, these guys are the libido of the Fat Freddy eroticism, channelling the emotional energy of the band directly to the central nervous system of an utterly yielding audience.

Like a well-practiced partner, Fat Freddy left me wholly satisfied but with an appetite for more. Shame they live so far away…

Holly Dicker

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